World of Warcraft is the most popular and epic MMORPG for Windows. The game has more than ten times the active population comparing with the runner-up. Join the most significant community contained over 10 million active players.

World of Warcraft is a subscription-based game. Become the part of populations of thousands.

The game brings a beautiful world full of fantasy races, magic, and monsters. Discover the Warcraft universe and relive the Legend. World of Warcraft’s central story revolves around the two opposing factions that you can join.

Choose your team, the Horde, or the Alliance. Fight with the Horde and Alliance clash against each other, or join forces against a familiar foe.

World of Warcraft features a roster of 13 races to choose from. Select the race amount, 6 of which are opposed to each other. Or join the common one and play by both factions.

The Alliance consists of Humans, Night-elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Worgen (werewolf-like creatures), and Draenei (extraterrestrial beings). The Horde consists of Trolls, Orcs, Tauren (minotaur-like creatures), Goblins, Undead, and Blood-elves. The 13th race is the Pandaren has no form of restriction.

World of Warcraft proposes a lot of classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Paladin, Priest, Warlock, Monk, Druid, Shaman, Mage, Demon-Hunter, and Death Knight. Note, that the battle contains at least one tank, a damage-dealer, a healer. All other classes are just modifications of the three archetypes mentioned above.

World of Warcraft has only one type of in-game currency. You play with gold and silver and copper as sub-units. Earn the quest rewards and receive more gold. Also, you can earn gold via the auction house. Post whatever item you want to seel. Choose the highest bidder has to offer them.

Overall, World of Warcraft is an epic game with perfect graphics and the greate community.

Download World of Warcraft from Softwsp for free and start to make your history in the magic Warcraft universe!

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8.2.5 Battle for Azeroth

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Windows XP and up
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