TortoiseGit is a free revision control tool for Git for Windows. It is a robust client to management of source code over time. TortoiseGit gives access to Git repositories. Manipulate and edit source code using this TortoiseGit port tool.

TortoiseGit manages source code using a distributed revision control system. It gives access to remote repositories through which version tracking is made possible. The advantage of TortoiseGit is that it provides a more suitable approach for the end-user than Git itself does. It is a simple command-line application.

TortoiseGit designed as a fork. TortoiseGit preserves the Windows shell model. The tool comes with useful features set and has a simple installation process. The features depend on Git to function correctly. Note that the tool does not automatically include Git in the deployment package.

TortoiseGit becomes active inside the context menu. It offers a broad set of options that include resolving, reverting, and cleaning up repositories, pulling, fetching, and pushing code, as well as possibilities to create new branches, tags, and submodules.

To commit code, you need to call a single window. The TortoiseMerge component makes it possible to open patches direct for review.

Also, TortoiseGit proposed the Gurtle plugin to share bug and code issues. It does not have compatibility issues.

Overall, TortoiseGit is a simple and powerful Git client for Windows.

Download TortoiseGit from Softwsp for free!

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