Staying secure while connected to a local network, when browsing the Internet is a responsibility for dedicated services, like antivirus or firewall solutions.

Even if Windows appears, in the later iterations, with an efficient firewall app, there are some applications that can complement it and, therefore, make the PC a more reliable place.

Such a tool is TinyWall, a lightweight application whose principal goal is to block wicked processes and block unsafe connections.

The interface makes it straightforward to configure the software, but the way in which it operates, by checking all connections from the get-go, may bring it a lot of objections, at least after the first hours of usage.

The central rule you will have to comprehend when this tool is installed and operating onto your system is that if you see a particular program that needs network or Internet access/connectivity is not working correctly, check the firewall.

The monitoring abilities of TinyWall will make it likely for you to see the running processes, the ports, and protocols they use as well as the destination and remote address.

It is also advisable to check out the apps that were prevented in the last couple of minutes by the firewall.

Overall, it is clear that TinyWall can be a big helper, but it is most helpful for users who are not disturbed by various trips to the settings zone where exceptions upon exceptions must be designed to have all the installed applications function without glitches.

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Windows Vista and up
Latest on Android
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Latest on Mac

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Version 3.4.3

Network protocol analyzer.

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Version 3.2.7

GTD job administrator with iOS companion app

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Version 3.9.2
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