TeamViewer is a remote access app that gives you access to other machine and works on it as if it were the one you are in front of.

There are numerous apps that grant remote control of various systems, but TeamViewer is set up to be remarkably accessible, while additionally being powerful. Whether leading an IT department or just helping your friend down the street fix their workstation, it is a program deserving installing on your system.

Apart from viewing the remote PC just as if you were lying in front of it, you can also make use of the app’s features: file transfer tool, embedded chat client, the opportunity of recording the session, and more.

The primary thing you have to make is to install TeamViewer on both Desktops, then accessed and the user. From then on, you’ll be capable to control the other computer remotely.

Another application for this software is set up a presentation that can be reached by many users concurrently while giving them “read-only” privileges, so they cannot control anything on the host desktop. Clearly, these permissions can be customized to give them more control.

A fabulous feature is the capability to drag and drop files from one computer to another. That way, if you’re assisting someone to solve a problem and they need a special file, you don’t need to spend time downloading it to their machine or emailing it over. If you have the file, you can simply copy it over with a few clicks.

TeamViewer web meeting allows you to use TeamViewer for web meeting with other people. You can upgrade TeamViewer to a paid version. TeamViewer pricing is accessible for almost any person or company but mostly for companies.

Programs like TeamViewer are few, not so many like video converters. We can mention here UltraVNC, Unified Remote, Radmin Remote Control, Ideal Administration and TeamViewer Portable.

Overall, TeamViewer is a great piece of software that becomes very useful when a remote connection is needed.

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