E-mail Utilities

E-mail Utilities

The free Outlook add-on Xobni beats the pants off Outlook’s built-in e-mail search. Xobni adds some extra features to Outlook, such as a sidebar featuring a search box, that search box allows you to search for an email according to any word in it or a contact. Once installed, Xobni spends a few moments synchronizing


Desktop Fay is an email client that features a virtual assistant that aims to help you manage your emails as efficiently as possible. Displayed as an animated female character on the desktop, it can act as an event reminder, an e-mail sender and notifier and a calculator. This animated assistant will make you smile. It


The name of this program is very clear and fairly tells us what it can do for us: Outlook on the Desktop allows you to set Outlook features on the desktop and access them easily. The calendar object gets pinned to your desktop and stays there all the time in plain sight so you can