Shadowsocks for Windows is a high-performance secured cross-platform socks5 proxy. It will help you navigate the web anonymously and securely.

All you have to do is to pick a nickname for your profile, then pick a server and a local and remote port. Other choices permit you to send UDP packages or connect automatically when the app runs. Once you’ve initiated Shadowsocks, you can view your navigation data at the top of the interface.

You are ready to browse the web without someone seeing your precise location; this is the first protection for all forms of attacks. It also appears in handy to reach websites that may be barred from accessing based on your place.

This is a straightforward application ideal for all types of users despite the level of knowledge. Why bother about your area when you have a tool that enables you to build a firewall when you are online.

Likewise, to the Socks5 proxy protocol, the utility allowed you to set a TCP connection to a random IP address and gives you a safe method to submit UDP packets.

Hence, the tool makes sure that nobody outside your private network – including your Internet Service Provider or the LAN administrator – can view your traffic.

Download Shadowsocks for Windows from Softwsp!

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Windows 7 and up
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