Password Cracker is a small, independent, utterly portable utility that can rescue lost passwords from applications. Passwords are conceivably the most vulnerable links in the cyber-security chain; if they’re complicated enough to be safe, you apparently won’t be able to identify them.

Append the fact that each other site seems to need a password, and it’s clear to see why far too numerous people end up using one or two simple passwords that are easy to memorize, and simple to crack, also.

You can write your passwords down on a scrap of paper that you can watch for and fail to see when you want it, or you can download and install this application.

This application is tiny in dimension, and it arrives packed in an archive with no install process whatsoever. Just unwrap and run it. The interface will pretend some question marks as it isn’t the completest piece of work.

If you open a web page or application that you’ve set a password for, but you can’t memorize it open Password Cracker and hover your mouse over the asterisks, and it will show your password. It’s multi-lingual and supports multiple languages, including Chinese, Portuguese, French, and Hindi.

Users may also choose a suitable language for the interface of the program from a diversity of alternatives.

Download Password Cracker from Softwsp!

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