Lantern is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software created to help you gain access to forbidden websites, bypass various regional restrictions, and increase your level of anonymity online by changing your IP address when browsing the Internet.

If you are in a place where you have restricted web browsing then you need an application that can bypass such limitations to give you unlimited browsing experience.

Another interesting feature on Lantern is that it offers a full “newsfeed” within one of the in-app tabs. From the same window, you can activate your VPN, or take a quick glance at the latest news on Reddit, Buzzfeed, BBC or RT.

Lantern encrypts all of your traffic to obstructed sites and services to preserve your data and privacy. Lantern uses a mixture of techniques to circumvent internet restriction and firewalls so you can keep navigating with constant access.

Lantern utilizes geo-optimized servers, and solely proxies barred sites, to increase browsing speed, allowing you stream HD videos spontaneously.

To summarize, Lantern is a practical and easy-to-understand application that you can rely on for protecting your online identity and bypassing country-based Internet restrictions, all carried out with minimal effort on your side.

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