GTA San Andreas is the third game in the GTA series, that brings a new story and action from Vice City’s 80s to a 90’s hip hop world of hood violence and gangsters.

The main character of the game is Carl Johnson, that is returning to his home of Los Santos after 5 years away. A lot of things has changed over years and Carl sets about getting his influence and gang’s reputation back.

The action of the game is placed in the early 90s, Carl’s got to go home, his mother has been murdered, his friends from childhood are all heading towards disaster and his family has fallen apart.

San Andreas is an island containing three cities such as Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. The player will start the game from the Los Santos and go to all cities available in the game.

There are plenty of things to do in all cities for example you can buy properties, go to the gym, fly with planes, drive cars, drive boat, be a taxi driver or take police missions, shoot with different kind of weapons and even more.

The game has a large number off mission where you will be a killer, you will save people, you will fight on gang wars to gain respect and conquer territories, etc.

GTA San Andreas has amazing features, you will be able to drive motorcycles, bicycles, cars, planes, boats, yachts, you can swim, feed the character, dress him, go to the gym, etc.

Overall, GTA San Andreas is a milestone game where you will find tons of cinematic cut scenes, varied missions and lots of mini games, spread over a free roaming sandbox world.













Runs on

Windows 7 and up
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