FileZilla Server is one of the biggest FTP servers currently on the shop, giving a full array of features, all accessible in an open-source package. The app is undoubtedly a top result, so users are obligated to pay consideration to every individual step incorporated in the installer.

Besides the fact that one requires to select the parts to be installed, the user can choose from up to three alternatives concerning the way the FileZilla Server should be started: as a service with Windows, manually or automatically.

The main window of the application is the one where the log file is presented, telling you precisely what’s proceeding with the service, regardless if we’re speaking about connections, variations, or different operations.

From the “Settings” segment, you can adjust everything about the server, including IP bindings, IP filter, passive mode security, security tools, logging, admin interface, speed limits, auto-ban, SSL, and TLS settings and file transferal concentration primarily.

FileZilla Server performs eat up too full of your CPU and RAM and sits silently in the System Tray. Minor productions may happen when the associated customers download data at high speeds.

Download FileZilla Server for Windows from Softwsp!

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Windows Vista and up
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