DB Browser for SQLite strives to give both developers and end-users with an uncomplicated tool for building and editing SQLite database files, without having to deal with complex SQL commands.

With the guidance of this intuitive app, you can see the content of your DB in a structured way. The simple, interface efficiently adjusts the data, allowing you to see and browse indexes, tables, schemas, and fields in the tree view.

With just several clicks, you can join new tables to the database, as well as eliminate or alter existing ones, without touching the database integrity. New fields can be generated, tables can be renamed and the field type can be quickly changed.

Furthermore, you can generate new indexes for a table or a field and enter them into the database. The content of every table can be visualized individually and the data can be classified by fields.

DB Browser for SQLite uses a simple method for handling SQL compatible databases.

It includes complete wizards for creating and changing tables, conducting interrogations and sorting data, issuing SQL queries, all without needing experience with SQL commands.

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