Audio Utilities

Audio Utilities

MediaMonkey is a very powerful tool for organizing, playing, editing, converting formats and obtaining information about your mp3 files and audio Cds. You can bring in music from anywhere on your hard drive, CDs or connected network. You can organize files in many categories that include Music, Podcast, Playlists, Media Servers, and Net Radio (access

Praat is scientific tool for those studying linguistics that can analyze spectrograms. It supports speech synthesis, including articulatory synthesis. It also creates high-quality images of data suitable for publication. This freeware is user-friendly since it has basic programmable scripting language and corresponds with other programs. With it, it’s possible to export a loaded audio file into


BeaTunes is a music management tool for computers running Windows Vista, Windows7 and XP. BeaTunes helps you to better organize your playlist so that you can take advantage of the BPM field in iTunes. BeaTunes can also auto organize playlists by such things as genre, rating and even beats per minute. Always wondered how you